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I am a welding engineer, interested in custom cycles and design. I work with Inventor, a pencil and a lot of paper.

My bikes www.cristiancycles.com

For job opportunities you can contact me using the form on the contact page.

I currently live in Esbjerg, Denmark.

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CADblog closing.
18/06/2016 Cristian Gidinceanu unCategorized

If you are reading this blog post this means that you are looking for cadblog.info. Well, long story short, i closed the site. I don’t have time to take care of it or make tutorials because I’m busy with something else.

All the tutorials made by me you can find them on youtube: Solidworks tutorials  / RobotStudio tutorials . All the other tutorials you can find them on internet. For those who seek advanced Robotstudio tutorials i suggest talk directly with ABB and check their links 1 2.

Here are some documents that you might need:

miscellaneous documents

RAPID programming

Conveyor tracking 1 2 3

and some library parts that i made.

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